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From time to time a change has to happen. Coming back from New Zealand I realised my blog needed a repaint. The most important thing to me is to address some new audience, that wasn't able to follow me, while I was writing in German. The other part of the story is more selfish: I need to keep talking/writing in English. But Anyway...

We are back in Germany, well and Austria. Kathrin is writing her Master Thesis and I just started to work at myDays.de in Munich as a Software Developer with Microsoft Technologies. It's actually better than expected so far in Munich. Unfortunately I haven't got a flat yet, so I'm staying in a little apartment at my company's office. Last weekend we (Kathrin, Gabi, Peter, Martin und Manni) went skiing in Alpbachtal. Some pics are online.

Other than that: check out my social networks on the right sidebar... I gonna add more as I get the time.

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Off to the Easter egg hunt...