Being one of the most visited mountains around Munich, we had to climb the Kampenwand by any means. It is just south of the Chiemsee and offers some good views of the lake.

The Chiemsee is the huge lake with the little woody island in the middle.

There are numerous ways to climb the mountain. The lift being the easiest, though most senseless option as you miss out of some views along the way. Speaking of the way, it is by far not as diverse or interesting you may expect from such a famous hiking trail. The main path mainly follows a ski slope that turns out to be a paved road in summer. Not very comfortable to walk as you can image.

The top offers some nice views over the Chiemsee and the Alps.
The last bit - just after the Steinlingalm - requires some little scrambling over rocks and through some decent cave-like narrow alleys.
The gigantic summit cross is enormous and even has solar powered lights on it.


Music from the past, Brazil 2005

Sometimes I remember a song without any reason really. Those two songs that came to my mind this time are both from the Detonautas and date back to my time in Brazil in 2005/2006. Enjoy!

Detonautas - Quando o sol se for

Detonautas - Outro lugar