Do we really care about politics or the real problems

Everybody in Germany is talking about the protests happening in Stuttgart concerning the conversion of Stuttgart central railway station. Tons of thousands of people are demonstrating in Stuttgart and Germany in general. That's not the point I'm trying to talk about. The fact that now everybody in Germany feels, that we are a country full of people, that care, bothers me. What are we caring about anyway? About an old building in Stuttgart, which is utterly ugly by the way, a huge pile of money and a couple of old trees. That's all. We go out on the street to demonstrate against that, but we stay at home, when we read, see and hear news about the rainforest being lumbered or hundreds of thousands of people being killed in Sudan, Dafur.

But I think that's not solely a German issue, but rather an issue, that every human being shares. We only care about the stuff in front of our house. That is sad. Africa and the Brazilian Rainforest is too far away for most of the people. If that doesn't change, we won't be able to solve the real big issues, that are raising on the horizon.

Good luck human race!


Brazil 2010 Route Overview

Hi everybody,

We are back from our 4 weeks trip to Brazil. Still fighting against the jet lack and sorting out pictures from the trip. But there is one thing I would like to share with you straight away: the route we took.

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To sum it up: it was a blast and we met heaps of old friends from the time in Brazil and New Zealand. We visited familiar and discovered heaps new places, that we loved. The people were great and helpful. We had miserable failings and breathtaking moments. We put 5500km behind us - mainly by bus.

In the upcoming days and weeks I'll post more details about where we go, what we did and I hope you gonna get some warm Latin America feelings from it :-)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned,