UK trip #2 south England

Pitching the tent is always a good feeling, although it could be a bit warmer and less possible to rain this night. Having said that, the missing inflatable matrass makes my stomach groaning.

It's the second day and Kathrin and I are going to sleep in our tent tonight. The weather doesn't look too bad and we thought we wanted to use the tent anyway. So here we are. We are in Lynchett.

The day was a mixture of castles, city councils with a look and feel of castles and Pubs with a bit of a castle look. Putting that all together we saw heaps of bricks... Starting in Brighton there was the only exception, the Royal Pavillion. To cite a local journal: "Somebody took Saint Paul's Cathedral and pooped." It looks like Taj Mahel built by a number of British born Indians, that have never been to India.

Arundel Castle a dozen miles away from Brighton was closed. We got the idea though: a castle.

Arriving in Chichester, there was the wonderful renovated Chichester Cathedral. A church in a castle look. Many bricks. And here is my guess: "They will all look the same.". We will see what the next castles and churches bring. They had a funny parking system, which I'll write about later. I need to add pictures to that post. One interesting side note, they had credit card enabled donation boxes, as I would call them. They take everything, coins, notes and every card, you may have. Didn't put my miles and more card in there. You never know.

On the way to Lynchett - our final destination for today - we had to do a stop in Christchurch as this was just too Kiwiish not to do a stop for. The city looks actually quite interesting. It has a nice little tower that was once part of a huge castle spanning Christchurch. Go and visit!

Bournemouth has a wonderful beach, by the way. We stopped there on our route. They had little beach huts pretty close to the beach. I will add a picture of those later. They are pretty handy. A  little hut of about 2,5qm.

And yeah: First pub visit in Lynchett. Loving it.

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