UK trip #3 Wales is ... strange

Leaving Wales has a bit of a strange feeling to it. First of all, there isn't much to see (yes, I know, feel free to teach me on what I missed out). We went to Barry Island, which got a boast in recent years through the BBC series Gavin & Stacey, drove down the southern coast, stopped in Pembrokshire National Park, visited Snowdon National Park and climbed Wales' highest peak 'Snowdon', which is a little more than 1000m high. The hike was great, except for the last 100m to the summit. There was a little steam train carrying heaps of visitor up the mountain and another track joined just before the summit our -until then - very quiet track. On the top was always a crowd of people chasing each other to stay on top of Wales.

All the cities and villages along the coast have something in common. They all got heaps of caravan holiday parks, where most of the people have their holiday home, or to be more precised 'static holiday camper van'. My suspicious is that a lot of those people are actually living in those caravan getthos. In norther Wales on the border to England there is one very dramatic area around Conwy. The region seemed to have lost there hype half a dozen decades ago, probably in the 60ies. These days it really looks like a caravan gettho, stuffed with amusement centers, and fish n chips take aways. And the language - I really struggle to understand you Welsh people :-)

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